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[Question] Lighttpd

Webserver service.
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[Question] Lighttpd


Post by Skorm92 »

Hi there!,

I'm currently using the webserver build in from nas4free, Everything works like a charm (phpmyadmin/mysql etc)
Only thing that I really don't like is lighttpd,
The biggest reason I disslike it is because .htaccess doesn't work and since I have users connecting over FTP, I don't want them to log in on the WebGUI to change some lines for some settings to work.
In general it's already WAY easier to use .htaccess files.

So.. Is there a way to get .htaccess working within lighttpd (or an easy alternative) or is there a way to install apache22?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: [Question] Lighttpd


Post by BlackPeter »

use Jails, and install all you need, easy ,fast and less trouble.
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