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Samsung VFD via Prolific RS232/USB ?

Stats via an mini LCD displays.
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Samsung VFD via Prolific RS232/USB ?


Post by M*I*B »

Hello there from germany...

... and at 1st sorry about my ugly english ^^

I own some VFD from Samsung, former used as Display for Cash- Systems. Datasheet is here: http://www.usedcomp.de/pdf/20L203DA5.pdf
The VFD only needs TX (real RS232 level), Gound and 5V DC. It is set to 19200,8,n,1. All of them comes from a USB/RS232 Prolific resp from a USB3-Port.

So the terminal tell me this if I connect the Plug:

Code: Select all

ugen0.6: <Prolific Technolody Inc.> at usbus0
uplcom0: <Prolific Technolody Inc. USB-Serial Controller, class 0/0, rev 1.10/3.00, addr 5> on usbus0
And now?
I have try many different settings and (modified) Examples from here out of many HowTo's, but I'm to stupid for that stuff I belive...

My can someone help me to the right way?

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Re: Samsung VFD via Prolific RS232/USB ?


Post by M*I*B »

... push ...
Round about one year ago... Nobody an idea how to bring that conf to run? I belive that there is a way to send the data via USB to serial... Ok, the other way is to direct connect the Display to one of the RS232-Ports of the mainboard, but RS232toLAN is much heavier than USBtoLAN... I have planed to use USBtoLAN adapter (have some for using with Printer, Smartphones a.s.o. ... working fine) and place the VFD in my office...

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