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build in APCUPSD + gui

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build in APCUPSD + gui


Post by 32vanes » 03 Oct 2018 10:19

"power off ups after shutdown" features cant be used of my APC UPS at this time.
I'm sure I'm not the only one
At this moment i need to install it with script every time system boots.
I think lots of people will be happy if apcupsd will be added

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Re: build in APCUPSD + gui


Post by admtech120 » 31 Dec 2018 01:41

problem - all modern serial/network APC ups , no compatible with apcupsd and NUT (closed new protocol "microlink")
compatible only with legacy "ups link" interface card for - Model "APC AP9620".

2 problem - for 100% autostart, also need wakeup delay (in USB APC ups can't set),
not all modern motherboard can`t start (need minimum 60 seconds wakeup delay for 100% autostart)
set EPPROM value for delay - in console util "apctest"

for old serial/network, apcupsd work fine, in last 11 version,
(installation very simple):

1) download utils
pkg fetch apcupsd
pkg fetch net-snmp
pkg fetch perl5

2) install
pkg install /var/cache/pkg/apcupsd
pkg install /var/cache/pkg/net-snmp
pkg install /var/cache/pkg/perl5

3) add Variable apcupsd_enable value YES in SYSTEM>ADVANCE>RC.CONF
4) configure file /usr/local/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf for you UPS.

command for test ups status:
/usr/local/sbin/apcaccess status

For 100% autostart, also need set EPPROM value "wakeup delay" (work in serial/network APC UPS):
1. stop service:
service apcupsd stop
2. run command:
3. enter programming EPPROM mode, and set wakeup delay to 060 seconds.
(after server shutdown , UPS 100% must shudown power, and restore power after 060 seconds (ever power restored in shutdown process),
if bios have "Full ON" after 60 seconds without power, computer 100% start.

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