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Proftpd WebGui function to make a suggestion

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Proftpd WebGui function to make a suggestion


Post by 744700595 » 21 Sep 2018 05:30

At present, the directory location of anonymous FTP can not be defined in proftpd WebGui. The /mnt is specified in the startup script. But there may be many mount points below /mnt, and do not want to use it directly to anonymous FTP. To modify, you can add parameters to rc.conf only.
So I hope to provide anonymous directory location function in WebGui.
At the same time, we hope to add some practical functions to describe the specified character set.
PathDenyFilter parameters filter.Ftpaccess and so on.

Thank you
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Re: Proftpd WebGui function to make a suggestion


Post by Cramin » 21 Sep 2018 13:13

From proftpd manual add this and edit to your needs in Additional Parameters:

Code: Select all

<Anonymous /mnt/anonymousftp>
  # After anonymous login, daemon runs as user/group ftp.
  User ftp
  Group ftp

  # The client login 'anonymous' is aliased to the "real" user 'ftp'.
  UserAlias anonymous ftp

  # Deny write operations to all directories, except for 'incoming' where 
  # 'STOR' is allowed (but 'READ' operations are prohibited)

  <Directory *>
    <Limit WRITE>

  <Directory incoming>
    <Limit READ >
    <Limit STOR>

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