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Unison doesn't use stable build

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Unison doesn't use stable build


Post by piwwo »

Unison on XigmaNas has the version 2.51, which is the latest but the changelog recommended 2.48 as the latest stable version (https://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/changes.html), which therefore is the version installed on many other systems. Therefore syncing fails when I try to run unison to my local debian server running on testing:

Code: Select all

~# unison default
Unison 2.51.2 (ocaml 4.02.3): Contacting server...
Fatal error: Received unexpected header from the server:
 expected "Unison 2.51 with OCaml >= 4.01.2\n" but received "Unison 2.48\n\000\000\000\000\017", 
which differs at "Unison 2.4".
Other versions are not available on XigmaNas?

PS: I am using socket: method, since the server is connected via OpenVPN in an own VLAN and I need maximum performanche that's why I don't want to use SSH.

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Re: Unison doesn't use stable build


Post by ms49434 »

Unison 2.51.2 is classified by the author as 'latest release' and 'stable' on github.
It looks like the latest stable didn't make it into Debian yet.
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