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Running Java Scripts from my NAS

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Running Java Scripts from my NAS


Post by ligmaNAS » 25 Jul 2019 16:52

I'll apologize in advance if I've placed this thread in the wrong topic (it may well be placed in the development topic, but it's pretty general).

In short: I have a NAS built, and I'm going to be throwing Xigmanas on it. As a hobby, I like to compile and archive data, and to that end, I have written some Java scripts that scrape websites and pull the data into my computer. Now that I have a NAS, I'd like to have it run my scripts over long periods of time, and save the data on the NAS' drives- like a little worker in the corner of my room.

Question 1: Does anyone have experience with running Java scripts off of a NAS running Xigma? I know I can SSH into the NAS and do traditional *nix stuff there, so I assume that it is a possibility; I write the code so it's perfectly able to be compiled from the command line (at least in Windows, which is my daily OS). I am unsure if I'll need to set up path variables for Java and the like, or if I would be better off compiling the code as a .jar and executing it like a runnable.

Question 2: I suppose that, beyond the Java question: is it a security issue to run web-scraping scripts from my NAS? I've done this for many websites on my desktop- should I be more concerned for my NAS? I'd like to keep it air-gapped from the web, and only CIFS/SMB on my LAN. I only scrape trustworthy sites, but I still have to make an HTTP/S request to get the HTML page(s).

I could just keep running the scripts from my desktop and then transfer the files to the NAS afterward... But I want to leave my NAS on for, possibly, days at a time whilst running the scripts(s).

Any comments appreciated.

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Re: Running Java Scripts from my NAS


Post by Maurizio » 28 Jul 2019 22:26

I am successfully running Tomcat 9 in a jail on my server, I build and debug the war in Windows with the NetBeans IDE then deploy it in the jail on XigmaNAS.
If you prefer a simpler solution you can look at Node.js, but I haven't used it.

A jail is a safe environment, separate from the rest of the system. The perfect place for running your scripts. ;)
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