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Making sure Xigmanas is right for me

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Making sure Xigmanas is right for me


Post by XigOm » 18 Sep 2019 16:55

Hi all. This is my first post so please forgive any mistakes.

I'm looking to enhance my productivity and I would like to have the following scenario.
Right now I walk around with my laptop from home to my office and have all my files etc there. I want to no longer have a laptop and maybe have a tablet instead (preferable Android because it's cheap). Ideally, not even walk with a tablet.
At home and work I want to have my files (documents etc) and a few Virtual box images synced to each other (syncthing preferably). I'll have a desktop at each locations to work with (basic desktop), connected to a printer
I want to also be able to have me and my wife's phone (android) save everything to a NAS (replacing Google), and sync those as well (for offsite type backup).
If ever I am at another location, I want to be able to use any PC connected to the internet (or a tablet if possible), connect to my NAS server (any one) and possibly open a virtualbox guest and do some work.
The question is, is Xigmanas good for this type of setup or no? I can (if possible) use the same desktop to run the NAS server as well as be able to open virtualbox and run my apps (some are windows only apps and others like Libreoffice can work off other OS). If I need a separate PC for this then NP but would be good if I can just have 1 PC to do everything.
So in a nutshell, a system to be able to save documents, pictures, etc from my apps (office), my phone (pictures) and be able to run virtual office guest, while syncing with a second, similar system. Syncing doesn't have to be immediate, it will mainly be for backup purposes.
Thanks in advance

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