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Same mac address after fresh reinstall

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Same mac address after fresh reinstall


Post by Animalebestiale »

Hi everybody, i'm tring to setup Nas4free on my old desktop.
Motherboard Asus with 2 gigabit nics on board with a marvell chip.
I tried last week to install Nas4free end set a lagg configuration. At the end both nics got same mac and no ip address given by my router (i hate static ip conf). So after reboot i saw both nics with same mac and reset nics in the starting menu (not by webui) totally useless
OK. turned off router, switch and pc.
in the weekend I tried to reinstall but just starting with live cd, i saw the 2 nics with always the same mac for both.....how can i reset to get 2 macs and so 2 different ip address by dhcp??
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Same mac address after fresh reinstall


Post by lux »

same MAC Adress it's expected behavior with lagg configured

don't know wich Router you have, but AFAIK ther's no Router who support lagg

so use a Switch that's support it!
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