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DLNA in diferent subnets/vlans??

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DLNA in diferent subnets/vlans??


Post by Jabberwocky »

I was reading info about DLNA and the way that "service" are present in network, I'm not an expert :D and I like to ask some info.
My server is running N4F embedded version, I have two gigabit nics, 1 internal from MOBO and another from pci-e.
My network is running a ubiquiti Edgerouter lite (3 ports) followed by a Linksys LGS326 (L2 smart switch), and are configured 5 vlans (Server, Desktops, smart phones, smart TV and sticks, etc...)
I like to maintain this configurations, so change network is not an option for me.
Right now I using serviio (in a jail) as the only DLNA server in vlan4, but smart phones and smart-tv are in different subnets/vlans, so serviio is not present in these vlans (only in the server vlan).
Unfortunately I try the tips explained in ubiquiti forums to manage igmp-proxys but not succeed for me (currently router don't support igmp snooping), also configured switch to have igmp-snooping (enabled and disabled) but none configuration pass the multi-cast message from server to smart-tv vlan.

So, this are my questions...
Is there a way to use my second nic in N4F to join/bridge to another vlan ?
Can I configure second nic in N4F with different subnet from main server, to join/bridge serviio in another vlan for smart tv?
Can you recommend another solution? (keeping my network with current vlans)

Hope can you help me with an advise.


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Re: DLNA in diferent subnets/vlans??


Post by xr4t3d »


Well, with regards to your setup, I would recommend that you just put everything on 1 subnet block. I too wanted to do something similar to keep things segregated. So my solution was to just put everything onto 1 single subnet block and segregate all devices by assigning them IP Addresses based on their MAC Address which was configured in my router. My router uses DD-WRT and there is a option to setup static IP Addresses with MAC Addresses. So for instance, my servers are found on, media devices are, PC&Laptops are on, Phones are, and the guests are on (dhcp pool only allows these ip addresses to be pulled when the devices mac doesn't match up on the static ip assignment).

However, if this is not your cup of tea... I saw that you are using a Cisco Switch, it appears to be a managed devices. Once telnet'ed into the device, you can try using the following configs for the different ports.. not sure if these will match your available configs... the process being these is that the native vlan is configured to allow the device to pull an IP address on its respective vlan. The mode trunk will allow the two devices to communicate with one another via the switch. If mode access was enabled vice mode trunk then they wouldn't be able to communicate.

interface FastEthernet0/5
description ### Device on VLAN 4 ###
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 4
switchport mode trunk

interface FastEthernet0/8
description ### Device on VLAN 5 ###
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 5
switchport mode trunk

Hope this helps...



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