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networking issue 5/6 good. 1/6 not

NIC, network controllers, compatibility questions, WOL, wake on lan
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networking issue 5/6 good. 1/6 not


Post by was-armandh »

in my major upgrade to Xi, drive size, and speed project, two atom powered boxes became surplus
after they were just upgraded to xi one is going to my daughter the other to a friend.

my friend's problem

we hooked the [DHCP NT-1] Xi box up, observed the Ip address and after changing the xi work group
5 of the 6 work group computers, a mix of win 10, 7, and one XP [XP used with test equipment software]
work fine. one win-10 does not see the NAS in network, but does see other computers in the group.
swapped lan connections to eliminate any possible network issue, still the same win-10 with the problem

the "odd man out" a Lenovo desktop and is the only one with Norton for its AV
its browser will log on to the Xi GUI, so we are 99.99% sure it is not the network hardware.
the network topography is very flat; router, one layer of switches, user computers.

faulty OS or some setting at the Lenovo eludes us
I ask here knowing it is not a network "hardware" problem
but because this is where network experience is likely found

I have suggested to my friend trying a substitute drive and a fresh load of win-10 as a test
by using this free advise, you, your heirs, etc
absolve, save, and hold harmless the advisor.

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