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Difference between Wake On Lan options

NIC, network controllers, compatibility questions, WOL, wake on lan
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Difference between Wake On Lan options


Post by georgedone »

I've setup a Nas4free for a friend. It has a 10years old PC motherboard in which I've inserted a Broadcom based 64bit PCI network card bought cheaply (5Euro) second hand. (The motherboard PCI slots are 32 bit so the PCI card hangs partially outside the slot contacts). Everything works good and my friends gets about 600-650 Mbps. But he would like to use Wake On Lan.
I enabled in Bios Wake Up by PCI device and now preparing to enable the option in Nas4Free, but I see in the Pull-Down Menu 3 options: Off, On and WOL_MAGIC.
What is the difference between On and WOL_Magic ?
Which one I should use ? My friend would prefer as much flexibility as possible (to send the Magic Packet from different OSes (such as Linux Mint, Windows 7, OpenWrt on his router, etc and be able to wake-up the computer from various acpi states (to the extent they are properly supported on a computer from 2004-2005)
Are there any gotchas related to Broadcom chipsets and WOL ?
(I quickly scanned the forums for posts related WOL and noticed Marvell cards seem to have issues with WOL).
By the way, from N4F Shutdown state, either WOL_MAGIC or WOL ON seem to work identically and wake-up the server with no problems (in the same network). (Tried so far from linux mint with both wakeonaln <MAC_Address> and etherwake <MAC_Address>.
My assumption was that WOL_MAGIC would be used to make WOL for a magic packet specifically targeting the MAC address of the N4F server while WOL="On" would also allow WOL with more general network activity such as broadcast or multicast packets, but so far I can only WOL if I specify the correct MAC address of the N4F server.

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Re: Difference between Wake On Lan options


Post by sodala »

Noone knows something about that?! I'm looking for an answer too since two days ago my NAS4free for no reason stopped working with my once mostly (but not always) reliable magic package-sender-softwares I was using for more than a year now.


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