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Aggregated LAN and WLAN

NIC, network controllers, compatibility questions, WOL, wake on lan
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Aggregated LAN and WLAN


Post by bewoco »


I am having a wired Ethernet connection and a WLAN USB dongle at my NAS.
If both would be connected to the same router / home Network (so wired and wireless), what is the intended/ proposed behaviour of this configuration?
Can it be compared with Link Aggregation in fallback mode? WLAN as the fallback.
If a virtual wlan device is configured, it does not show up in the LAGG config tab.

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Re: Aggregated LAN and WLAN


Post by b0ssman »

you cant aggregate 1 interfaces with different speed / different technology.

you would have to write a script that brings one interface up and the other one down if a ping test fails for example.
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