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Dell Perc H310 in Dell R710 Question

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Dell Perc H310 in Dell R710 Question


Post by rbendorf »

I am retired military and have decided to build a new server for videos, pictures and music collected along the way. I have a Dell R710 which is up and running with Nas4free and a Dell H200. I have both Dell Perc H310 and Dell Perc H200 cross patched cards (SAS2008-IT P20). I had no problems patching both cards to IT mode. I can use either card in another small server (Asus AM1M-A) that I have setup with no problems...it sees all of my drives in FreeNAS. I can move the H200 card to the R710 with no problem and N4F sees all of my drives. But, when I install the H310 in the R710 it does not see the H310. During boot up it recognizes the H310 as having only one SAS cable, so evidently the computer is seeing the card, but it does not show when I try to import my drives (Again, the H310 works in the AM1M-A machine). I am wondering if anyone else is using a flashed H310 successfully in a R710 server. I read in another post that someone said the P7 version of the IT firmware worked with the R710. Thanks in advance for any insights or help that you can provide.

BOTTOM LINE: Does anyone have N4F installed in a Dell R710 with a Perc H310 flashed card running in ZFS?

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Re: Dell Perc H310 in Dell R710 Question


Post by ChriZathens »

I've read somewhere that R7x0 servers need the H310 to be connected to a specific port... Something like that - not 100% sure, sorry...
Bottom line try another pcie slot
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