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M1015 46M0831 vs SAS9220-8I

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M1015 46M0831 vs SAS9220-8I


Post by Onichan »

I was looking around for a M1015 card as I heard it's the best way to go and I found this site http://www.serversupply.com/CONTROLLERS ... ID%20M1015 that says it has one for $85, but it lists a few versions. I googled around and it seems like the 46M0831 is an OEM card while 46M0861 is the addon for servers that don't come with it. I couldn't find anything that told me what the difference between those two and the SAS9220-8I thought. I have emailed the site, but they haven't responded. Anybody know anything about them?

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Re: M1015 46M0831 vs SAS9220-8I


Post by rocket »

ooh, $85? holy moley, that is a deal.

no idea what the answer to your question is, but if you get one, please let me know how it works, as I need to add something along those lines.
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Re: M1015 46M0831 vs SAS9220-8I


Post by Buhu »

An Intel Sasuc8i also works great and have 8 ports.

The new one : - Sandstorm (revision 847) on USB 8GB Verbatin, ASRock A75M-HVS and A4-3300 CPU, BeQuiet 350 Watt , 8 GB DDR3 Ram. 4 x 2TB HD204UI RaidZ1, 1x WDRED 3TB UFS Singlestore. HP Procurve Switch 1810 G8 - 8-Port. That's all about 11 TB of pure fun.

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Re: M1015 46M0831 vs SAS9220-8I


Post by jasch »

M1015 = LSI2008 (relabeld LSI 9220-8i, best you can get for the money, got mine for 70 each on ebay (flash to LSI Firmware))
support drives over 2TB
the intel with LSI1068(i had this one before) only goes up to 2TB.
Here you can get a lot of info over this controller http://www.servethehome.com/ibm-m1015-p ... si-92208i/
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