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Isilon IQ12000X help needed please

Posted: 15 Aug 2017 01:02
by linkup
Hello, I am new here and hope to get NAS4Free running on my old 2U server. I didn't know when I bought the server that it had "proprietary" hardware in it, and that Isilon is tighter with their info than Fort Knox.

The system is a 12-disk box with a SuperMicro X7DBU-A mobo with dual Xeon Quad Core L5420 2.5Ghz processors and 16GB of ECC RAM. It came with a 3Ware 12-port RAID controller but found that a JBOD controller is preferred, so I bought an LSI controller for it. I also purchased a 120GB SSD to run the OS on.

Although in the past, I was able to get the system to see a USB CD-ROM, it for some reason it doesn't see it now. So then I thought I would try the USB thumbdrive option, which seems to require Win32DiskImager. When I launch it, nothing happens? I installed it fine, and when it completes it offers to let you read the text file and run the program..the readme pops up, but the app never opens?

I am stymied for a method to do the install with if I can't get either of the CD or USB Stick options to work?

Appreciate any help in getting the box to see the CD or for the USB writer to work.

Re: Isilon IQ12000X help needed please

Posted: 15 Aug 2017 07:48
by sleid