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NAS4Free on Raspberry Pi2 RPi2

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NAS4Free on Raspberry Pi2 RPi2


Post by F8BOE »


I'm currently testing a RPi2 such as here: http://www.raspberry-projects.com/pi/pi ... ifications

I wrote a image on a 4GB (8GB) HCSD (class10) with IsoDumper with no problem.
At first boot, I configured the minimal things to get started and to be able to work with the WebGUI (how great it would be to have the DHCP enabled as default to get rid of this HDMI/spare monitor and additional keyboard config thing).

At second boot I made the spare place left on the SD card usable as a mount point as described here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8441#p51096

So I can use it as data medium for Fuppes/DAAP databases and for extensions.
Fuppes and DAAP are running, two external USB sticks are attached and mounted, access is enabled over ftp.
Then I upgraded to the latest version

The hardware:
A Raspberry Pi2 out of an "advanced set" distributed by Renkforce with cooling kit in a TekBerry enclosure which wasn't modified for better cooling.
The RPi2 uses the 4th partition of the internal SD card as data part and has also two USB2 sticks plugged in (one UFS, the other FAT32).

The gigabit LAN:
D-Link DIR-100 + Zyxel GS 108B + Speedport W-723 for WLAN 5GHz access, Speedport W-700 for WLAN 2.4 GHz access, D-Link DWL-2000AP for secondary WLAN 2.4GHz access.

Media serving:

The video media players: Geexbox 2.4 on a Vaio GR215 (NFS + UPnP, UPnP used) connected over WLAN to the Speedport W-700, a Sony DB player (UPnP) also connected over WLAN to the Speedport W-700, a Galaxy S3 (UPnP) connected over WLAN to the secondary WLAN access, a Galaxy S5neo (UPnP) connected to the 5GHz WLAN access.

The audio media players: a laptop (NFS + FTP, AmaroK 2.8.0 used with its DAAP function) connected over the LAN, an i-something running SimpleDAAP player.

4 videos (3 avi and 1 mp4) in conjunction with 2 audio files (mp3 192 kbps) were played simultaneously with no lags whether on the video side or on the audio side.

Quite impressive that this little thing can hold on with my older server (PII 400, 768 MB RAM with dual NICs 1x100Gb + 1x1000Gb)

File serving:

As I didn't program the RPi2 as NFS share in my laptop yet, I decided to only do the test over FTP, as it is the way most NAS are accessed.
File transfer was done sending and receiving an uncompressed .img file on the UFS formated USB stick.
Temperature was also a concern during the process:
OK,some may think "the file transfer protocol do not represent the truth because the file is written between two servers via a third computer"... No, it's not really the case because FTP is set up so that a transfer initiated from a third computer in FTP between two servers occurs directly between the two servers (the datas do not travel through the initiating computer).
Transfer rates are a little bit slower on the RPi2 (4,5-5,0 kB/s) as on my daily used NAS with the PII 400 (5,5-6,5 kB/s) but the RPi2 has only a 100 Mb/s LAN and the resources from the LAN and the four USB ports are shared (which is not the case on my PII 400 NAS).

So you see, it's not so bad as I expected it first... I can only admit that the performance of a RPi B or B+ can only be far beyond that I live with the RPi2 with twice the amount of RAM.
For a low cost/low power/low consumption minimalistic NAS the RPi2 or the Banana Pi are good candidates. Set them up with huge USB sticks and you have your highly mobile/portable pocket NAS/media server for home and vacancy.

Ciao @+
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Re: NAS4Free on Raspberry Pi2 RPi2


Post by Parkcomm »

Good stuff
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