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Sharing my server with neighbor without sharing internet

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Sharing my server with neighbor without sharing internet


Post by neky92 »

TLDR: I want to share my plex server (xigmanas extension) with neighbors without sharing my internet connection

First of all, I have no idea where to put this topic, if this is the wrong place, sorry!

I want to share mainly my plex server (running as extension on xigmanas server) with neighbors, we have a lan cable connecting our apartments, and they share their internet connection with tenants in few other apartments they own in the building (they have lan cables from their apartment to all of theirs).

They have a modem/router running DHCP server on 192.168.1.x, I set my network on 192.168.0.x, and my internet connection on 192.168.2.x, I also share my plex server over the internet with my parents who live halfway across the world via remote access. My upload is not good enough to support all these people streaming over the internet, and I want my parents to have no problems streaming movies from my server ever, so I have to share with neighbors over the lan.

The problem is I don't want to share my internet connection too, because I pay for much faster internet than they are sharing with their tenants. I don't mind sharing my whole server instead of limiting access to just plex, since my files are pasword protected and they have no tech savvy tenants that could be a threat to my security. I was thinking about getting another network card for the server and just hooking it up to their network, IDK if that could work, if the server can have 2 different IP addresses, as you can see, I am not very knowledgeable with networking, so I am looking for something simple rather than 100% secure. I have another router on hand if needed.

Here is how the network looks visually now (my IOT router is not currently connected to their router, but I could connect it to look like the photo shows)

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Re: Sharing my server with neighbor without sharing internet


Post by Breezewood »

This sounds like a good situation for VLANs.
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Re: Sharing my server with neighbor without sharing internet


Post by cookiemonster »

This is a fairly tricky problem for consumer grade hardware.
You can't have two dhcp servers in the same subnet, but here you have two networks already, so that part is good.
The troublesome part is you'd need to link those two routers and set those interfaces to bridge whilst still serving DHCP on all other ports and wifi (assuming they're wifi routers). Then you'd need to set permanent routes between these two ports and do some sort of advertising like spanning tree.
I've looked at my DD-WRT router and it has some functions that might do something like this but certainly I suggest to seek assistance in some networking site/forum.
Another option could be to put a switch in between the two networks. It is the two routers that I think cause the most complication in this setup.
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Re: Sharing my server with neighbor without sharing internet


Post by lindsay »

If i would set it up it had to be with VLAN`s , look for lawrence s systems youtube channel.
If you use VLAN`s it isolate network at your desire, you choose what is allowed on that subnet.
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