*New 12.1 series Release:
2020-04-17: XigmaNAS - released

*New 11.3 series Release:
2020-04-16: XigmaNAS - released!

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Daughter's NAS, also Xi rehab of N4F

Show off that XigmaNAS system!
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Daughter's NAS, also Xi rehab of N4F


Post by was-armandh »

1u tall, Slower but has been stable for years
this Intel Atom former set top box was inadequate for all but the easiest video.
moved to N4F/ZFS use years ago with mirrored 1Tb lap top drives and had been
running 24/7 since a memory upgrade and fan replacement [about five years ago]
another new fan + N4F on a 2Gb SATA flash replaced with XigmaNAS on a SSD.
a bit shy on RAM due to shared video, I tried XigmaNAS full on ZFS to recover some. [no go]
Intel atom XigmaNAS.JPG
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