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Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 10 Dec 2014 13:18
by armandh

This was assembled for my son to use. it was going fine 24-7 when retired Oct 2015
a NOS close out Intel MOBO with integrated CPU and dreaded SiS chip-set.
[Intel D201GLY SIS662 Motherboard]
every thing else is from the junk box. lots of limitation but it is 100% rock steady for function.
the 32 bit embedded N4F OS is stored on a lap top Hdd [4 or 6 Gb I think] PATA. [ATA-100 on board]
boot drive held in place with double sticky foam tape on the metal side,
the boot drive is installed and set to spin down 5 minutes after the embedded boot.
the boot drive is not mounted to the OS. [unless for some other function in the future]
the full size storage drives attach to an IDE ATA-133 expansion card and are a UFS soft raid mirror.
this could as easily be a SATA card.
from spare junk; 44 pin adapter, 1 Gb DDR-2 RAM, drives, cables, power supply, expansion card, and case.

how old is some of this junk?
the IDE ATA-133 expansion card is a Circuit City house brand.
the laptop drive for the OS had win 98 on it, as I recall.
the case was a newer curb side find, bad guts, and missing the face plastic.

another pair of drives would almost max this out.
the biggest limitations are; 32 bit processor, no free PCI buss slot, and the on board t-100 NIC
on the other hand; Just 50 watts, 36 watts idle and spun down

photo removed

Re: Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 13 Dec 2014 03:17
by pokeyboy
Cool! That's the best part of N4F. You can have lots of fun building and tinkering, with little expense. And, actually end up with something useful when you're done.

Re: Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 24 Dec 2014 18:35
by apollo567
armandh wrote:the info page
under $20.jpg
armandh, you are the master of recycling :D 8-) :!:

Re: Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 23 Jan 2015 12:03
by armandh
Now Out Of Stock!
I did not expect the URL [link removed above] to last
CAVEAT EMPTOR regarding "New Old Stock"
please remember when buying anything NOS the O does apply to the caps as well.
SO FAR so good. but there is a reason it was ten bucks. [besides it's limited usefulness]
down to $10.png

Re: Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 12 Sep 2015 02:40
by armandh
still working great but taken out of service as I add a new one [3900Mhz 2-core AMD]
my son now gets my oldest in use N4F, a 2 core HT 1600 Mhz 64 bit but PCI expansion buss atom box.
it is a move up from 160 Gb UFS to 500 Gb ZFS mirrors, from 32 bit to 64 bit, twice the RAM and 100T to Gb Lan,
a slightly faster 4 times the threads 64 bit CPU. In theory, a 9.6X gain in processor through put.
the "under 20" has been given to a friend as an upgrade for his NSLU2

Re: Under 20 USD and junk box parts

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 00:27
by was-armandh
4 YEARS LATER in an upgrade rodeo that added twin i5 boxes,
my son now has the 3900 Mhz AMD 2 core and
my daughter is getting the atom box, all now running XigmaNAS
and notably the above $20 32 bit hardware is long gone.