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NEW one up, dificult choice

Show off that XigmaNAS system!
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NEW one up, dificult choice


Post by armandh »


I retired my sons 32 bit under $20 N4F, replaced with my oldest 64 bit but PCI buss Atom box. [once FN-7]
for him, 3.125 times more space, 4 times the threads, twice the RAM, ZFS vs UFS, 20% faster, two core 64 bit HT processor.
an all around better box, and I could do this because I re-purposed a computer to my N4F use

I had two used computers to pick from and it was a tough choice. One would go to N4F and one to ATV digital video work.
the first a proprietary case, MOBO, power supply configuration with limited space for more than 3 Hdd
a refurbished, near server quality work station, HP Z-600 dual quad core HT Xeon and ECC RAM 16 threads at 2/3 the CPU speed of....

the other and much newer, faster AMD A6-6400, the former owner's bit miner sans extra video cards, great PSU, low power consumption,
but 2 core non HT. The low power consumption is augmented by the well ventilated case not needing any additional fans.

maybe some day I will say to my self "what were you thinking?" but my transactions with the storage are not that great in volume.
the Xeon box with one of the now surplus video cards handles simultaneous instances of real time 1080P video much better.

With only a Lan expansion card [on board not recognized] the AMD A6-6400 former bit miner does the N4F very well.
mirrored 2-TB Hitachi in the drive trays, the 1771 release and this MOBO had no trouble booting USB flash from 2.0 connection
today, 3 weeks later, I replaced the USB drive with a SSD

the system information page CPU use indicator sits about 25% during a Gb file transfer.
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4 thread 3300 Mhz Intel i3, 1 TB ZFS mirror, available RAM 7.823 Gb, 64 bit NAS4Free rev 573 [88 watts, 48 Mbps]
2 thread 1600 Mhz atom/ion, 1 TB ZFS mirror, available RAM 3.083 Gb, 64 bit NAS4Free- rev 573 [27 watts, 35 Mbps]
2 thread 3900 Mhz AMD A6-6400K, 2 TB ZFS Mirror, available RAM 7.557 Gb, 64 bit Nas4Free [89 watts, 68 Mbps]

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