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reconfiguring with an existing disk

Filesystems(UFS, EXT2, FAT, NTFS, ZFS), mount points, partitions
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reconfiguring with an existing disk


Post by HeyRicardo »

This is the first time I do it, so I am concerned.
After having cleared the config, and imported again the disk (which has files stored over last weeks of use, mounted on the same nas4free), I was wondering about accessing my data again the same way I did before.

If I create a new share will I be able to see the files on the disk through it, the same as before?

When I created the mount point I had to guess GPT / partition 1, but not sure (partition 3-4 says for existing disks.. very confusing).
Just to make sure I don't make mistakes, not knowing which step in particular will allow me to see/access files on the disk.

thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: reconfiguring with an existing disk


Post by JoseMR »

To access files on an already formatted disk, the parameters are the same you did before, for a single GPT disk (p1) is the common partition, if raw disk was selected (normally under ZFS) then device need to be specified if no alternate partition(or label) was given during setup (such as adaX or daX), after import, the share should work under sane permissions.

P.S To show GPT partitions use "gpart show" to import all the ZFS pools use "zpool import -f -a" and sync under WebGUI

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