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Access Files From A .VDI

Filesystems(UFS, EXT2, FAT, NTFS, ZFS), mount points, partitions
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Access Files From A .VDI


Post by c-flyer »

Good Afternoon. I created network storage about 4 years ago. The basics of my setup are the following: O/S was Ubuntu 10.10, NAS4Free version 0.7.2 as a virtual machine, VirtualBox 4.0.0. I had two hard drives--one had my Ubuntu setup and the second 1TB HDD was my NAS. I used this primarily to share music and videos through Subsonic. A few months ago the pc crashed--I had a backup on an external drive so have been using that for the time being--my thinking was that I still had the drives from the old Ubuntu as a backup. As my luck would have it, my external drive also crashed, so now I am trying to retrieve my files from the secondary HDD, which has only a .vdi file. I don't use Ubuntu anymore so I used DiskInternals to pull the .vdi file from the hard drive to my local machine. I installed NAS4Free 0.7.2 into VirtualBox (4.0.0). I made basic configuration to interface etc, shutdown NAS4Free and attached the .vdi file as a secondary drive in VirtualBox. Restart NAS4Free and shared the drive. I can see the share on the network and can see the directory files for what I would assume would be NAS4Free, but cannot find where files are stored... Can someone direct me on what I am doing wrong or which directory the files should be stored? Or if I there is a more efficient way to retrieve the files, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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Re: Access Files From A .VDI


Post by zeexui »

You may want to extract your files using Power ISO, if you can't figure out how NAS4FREE crawl into your .vdi.

Open VDI file

VDI file is created by VirtualBox software. To open VDI file, please follow the steps,

Run PowerISO.

Click the "Open" button on toolbar or choose "File > Open" menu to open vdi file.

If there are more than one partition in the vdi file, PowerISO will list all partitions, you need select a partition from the list to continue. Only one partition can be opened at a time.

Select the files you want t extract, then click the "Extract" button on toolbar to open "Extract vdi file" dialog. If no file is selected, all files in the image file will be extracted.

Choose the destination directory for extraction.

If you want to extract all files, you should select "All files" option.

Click the "OK" button to start extracting. If you want to extract another partition in the vdi file, you need open the vdi file again, and select the partition desired.

See: ... e-file.htm

Pls update your post for the result.

Disclaimer: There is no way that I am promoting PowerISO here. For the purpose of helping our pal here, he may want to think our of the box to extract his .vdi.

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