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Help with dead RAID10

Software RAID information and help
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Help with dead RAID10


Post by bernhammond »

Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to help me recover a RAID10 that has seriously failed.

I have a 4 drive RAID10 set up. One drive was on the verge of failure, so as a safety, I started a data copy from the RAID, until I could get a new drive to replace the failing one. The copy was being seriously impeded by the bad drive, causing the NAS to pause for long periods of time while the bad drive did some head clicking. I decided to shut the NAS down and unplug the bad drive, letting that leg of the mirror run on one drive to do the copy. In the process of unplugging the bad drive I must have unseated the sata cable to the other drive in that mirror, and upon reboot the whole mirror was gone. I shutdown, reseated the cable and rebooted again, this time the good drive in that mirror came up, but is was showing unformatted, I tried removing and re-adding the disk as a softraid device, and now it seems to be showing correctly in the disk manager, but it isn't mounting back as half of my broken mirror.

Is there a way to force mount this drive so I can verify if the data is still in tact and either continue my copy or rebuild the array with another drive.

Thanks in advance.

I just noticed as well that the working disk is now showing as ada2 when it used to be ada3 if that will change anything.

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