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deleting raid 1

Software RAID information and help
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deleting raid 1


Post by dodger »

I'm using with 2 x Samsung 1TB drives in a Raid 1 configuration.

If delete the software raid 1 so that i have JBOD, will my data still be on the drives?
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Re: deleting raid 1


Post by al562 »

HI Dodger,

You do not get a JBOD by just deleting a SoftRAID1.
If you want to delete a SoftRAID1 and still keep your data on the drives you should shutdown the server, disconnect the drives and reboot. You are deliberately breaking the SoftRAID, this is OK, both drives will have identical data on them. Now you may delete the SoftRAID from the WebGUI. When you delete an array the metadata on drives is modified and if you do not remove the drives first, you may loose the data on one or both drives.
If you did it right you now have 2 drives with identical data that you can put back into the server and mount individually.
If you want to create a JBOD out of these two drives you should wipe the metadata from the SoftRAID1 otherwise you may have problems creating your new JBOD, or have to put up with errors in your log, wiping will destroy your data.
In my testing I was able to create a JBOD from 2 unwiped disks. I did receive errors from the old metadata, but the JBOD initialized and there was still a copy of my data on the drive. I do not recommend anyone do this because every system/data is different and your results may not be the same as for my test system. The process of initializing a SoftRAID array may not always go as planned because of old data or filesystem damage on the drives. Do not assume you can simply take a few drives with data already on them and put them together into a JBOD, while keeping the data, many people have lost everything believing this always works.

*The correct way to do this is to backup your data, wipe your drives, create your JBOD and then restore your data.
I don't know what you are planning to do, but I hope you have a backup of your data.

Best of luck,

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