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Question - Hardware RAID5 or Software RAIDZ ?

Software RAID information and help
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Question - Hardware RAID5 or Software RAIDZ ?


Post by fallen2109 »

I have a 3ware SA9690 4I4E card. What option be better for me:

1) Hardware RAID 5 (3 x 3 TB) via the 3Ware controller
---------- OR ------------
2) Software RAIDZ using the same 3 x 3 TB drives configured as single drives in the 3ware BIOS and exported in the NAS4Free configuration

Any advice and argumentation will be really appreciated. Currently I am running the hardware RAID5 (option 1), but
I had quite a lot drive failures (3 drives in 3 years) and I am wondering if I am doing the right thing here. On the other
side I think that a hardware RAID controller will outperform any software RAID configuration.

Please share your thoughts. thank you. - Reticulus (revision 6928)
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Re: Question - Hardware RAID5 or Software RAIDZ ?


Post by b0ssman »

we have a faq entry for that.

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