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Software RAID1 (Mirror) or ZFS Mirror?

Software RAID information and help
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Software RAID1 (Mirror) or ZFS Mirror?


Post by morph »

I have 2 disks each of 2TB and am currently building a new NAS.
The PC is an old(ish) HP PC with 3GB RAM and a Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz.

I'm not sure whether to use a Software Mirror or a ZFS mirror?
I read somewhere that ZFS is more CPU intensive so I'm not sure whether my processor is fast enough.

What is the better option of the two using the above equipment?


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Re: Software RAID1 (Mirror) or ZFS Mirror?


Post by crowi »

If your system is using ECC RAM then you can go for ZFS, otherwise you should better use Software RAID 1
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