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Simple way to increase my storage space?

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Simple way to increase my storage space?


Post by roach9 » 09 Aug 2019 02:56

I have 12 3TB drives in a ZFS-2 array.

I would like to replace those drives with 8TB drives.

Is there a simple process to do this? I looked through the wiki but coudln't locate any helpful guides. I imagine this is not an unusual occurrance for users.

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Re: Simple way to increase my storage space?


Post by ernie » 09 Aug 2019 09:49

You can find some information here:


NAS 1&2:
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Case : Fractal Design XL R2

Extensions & services:
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NAS2: OBI (extendedGUI, zrep (backup mode))

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Re: Simple way to increase my storage space?


Post by sleid » 10 Aug 2019 14:33

Step by step

First of all initialize your 6T disks under Windows. No partition or formatting.


zpool set autoexpand=on name_of_pool

We check:

zpool get autoexpand name_of_pool

offline the firs disk

shutdown your Nas

exchange the first disk by the new 6T

boot your Nas
replace the old disk (which should appear as "1354568xxxx" was old first disk) by ne new 6T
wait for the end of the resilvering.

Go to the second and so on, the pool will only take its new size after the end of the last resilvering.

No data is lost during this operation unless two other disks fail - Reticulus (revision 6971)
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