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Create alternative Pool

Posted: 25 Jan 2020 19:19
by gomario
I have a pool made up of 5x4TB discs which works 100%. Then I wanted to install Root On ZFS bacause I had enough of the ocassional boot errors from the USB Stick. What I did was I went and bought 2x30GB USB Memory Sticks and installed from a CD the latest Xigmas version while using the Root On ZFS option (Mirror). All went well until I booted the system from the newly installed ZFS Mirror. It showed me the new ZFS pool made of the reminder of the 2 Memory sticks (20GB or so). No problem with that but my main ZFS was gone :-(
The mount point was all there like before but it mounted the new, small and useless ZFS Pool, instead of my original pool. I quickly switched off the system, removed the 2xMirror USB Sticka and inserted the old USB Stick which I usually boot from. Thanks God the system booted just fine. My old ZFS Pool was showing once again and all data was working 100%
My question is, How can I see both ZFS Pools? I want to boot from the 2 mirrored USB Sticks (Root On ZFS) and at the same time see my old Pool. Actually it will be nice if I could see both Pools, the old "real" pool and the new, small one.

Re: Create alternative Pool

Posted: 26 Jan 2020 09:54
by raulfg3
do you do a clear config & Import disk, ?

next you must import your pool and sync with reallife.