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Moving FreeNAS 8.3.0 RAIDZ2 to NAS4Free

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Moving FreeNAS 8.3.0 RAIDZ2 to NAS4Free


Post by tony3333 »

I built this unit http://samkear.com/freenas/build-freena ... -appliance and installed FreeNAS 8.3.0 on it. I've created a RAIDZ2 volume using 4 x 2TB drives and migrated my data from an old FreeNAS 0.7.x box. I use the new RAIDZ2 volume to store my files and VM images for my diskless ESXi host but due to the NFS/ZFS performance issue, I moved the VMs into a ZVOL and used iSCSI instead. The ZVOL is a 256GB iSCSI tank on the same volume.

All works fine, except I don't like the FreeNAS GUI and can't get on with it. I'd like to keep what I have and boot the same hardware using a NAS4Free USB flash drive. What's the easiest way to use NAS4Free on this hardware without losing the configuration? From other posts I think I can do a ZFS EXPORT of the current RAIDZ2 and then import it to NAS4Free, but will that include the iSCSI tank or will I have to import or move separately?

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Re: Moving FreeNAS 8.3.0 RAIDZ2 to NAS4Free


Post by fsbruva »

You'll have to export the pool, then install Nas4free. Then import the pool, and replicate the iSCSI connection on Nas4free from scratch.

I have never done it, but there is no compatibility (that I know of) for migrating Freenas 8 configuration to nas4free.

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