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How can I detach an encrypted drive?

Encrypting information and help
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How can I detach an encrypted drive?


Post by GregMcM » 30 Apr 2016 03:22

I have a small array of 4 encrypted drives in a RaidZ1 pool along with another array of 10 other unencrypted drives in a separate RaidZ2 pool that I've been doing tests on prior to deploying. Everything is erasable, so I don't have to worry about losing any data at this point. I just want to get all of my "proverbial-ducks-in-a-row" before I deploy it.

I've been using NAS4Free for all of this - if I need to post my hardware spec's, I'll have to go looking for those as this setup has been sitting on my bench for the past 6 months waiting for me to get around to it.

I would like to be able deactivate/unmount the 4 encrypted drives when I am not actively using them. Is there any way of deactivating(?) the encrypted drives without having to reboot the entire NAS?

And by 'deactivating/unmounting' them, I mean that to be able to use the drives again, I would have to go through the sequence of re-attaching them individually using their passphrases.

If I go to Disks | Encryption | Tools and attempt to issue a 'detach' command to the drive, I get:
geli: Cannot destroy device ada0.eli (error=16).

Obviously, geli won't detach the disk because it sees the disk as in use. So, does anyone have any thoughts as to how I could take the ZFS Pool offline and then detach the encrypted disks?

As a test, I did even destroy & delete all of the ZFS info (Datasets, Pools & Virtual Devices) and then attempted to issue the detach command, but I keep on getting the same error 16 as above.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. :mrgreen:

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Re: How can I detach an encrypted drive?


Post by willieaames » 23 Jun 2016 09:05

Depending on your environment, you could also look into using Bitlocker for mobile drives.

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Re: How can I detach an encrypted drive?


Post by b0ssman » 23 Jun 2016 12:13

you would have to stop any service that is accessing the disk like samba.
then umount the zfs pool. (no open file handles can exist)
then you can do a geli detach of all the drives.
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