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How can I mount raidz1 pool composed by encrypted disks?

Encrypting information and help
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How can I mount raidz1 pool composed by encrypted disks?


Post by kawamata »


I am trying to build an encrypted storage by nas4free (64bit version).
I have "full" installed nas4free into an USB stick.

After entering passphrase and disk attaches, /mnt/tank/dataset appears and
I could save several files but they has been stored in the USB stick,
not in the HDD (zfs pool).

After repeating system reboot or deleting datasets meny times,
I have connected nas4free by SSH and execute following command.

# zfs mount -a

After this command, zfs pool has mounted properly and I could save files
in the HDD (zfs pool).

It seems nas4free is running with encryption, but I think something is wrong.
(Because I had to execute shell command.)

I have read the article titled "Disk Encryption" at
http://wiki.nas4free.org/doku.php?id=do ... encryption
but it describes about RAID, not ZFS.

Would you advice me the procedure how to automatically mount raidz1 pool
which is composed by encrypted (but properly attached) disks without
shell command?


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