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Recovery from Raid1 drives

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Recovery from Raid1 drives


Post by axelsig404 » 01 Dec 2018 23:04

Hi, so I had allready posted this problem in the software raid section but I guess it belongs better in here. I had to rebuild my nas server because of hardware failure and after doing so I can not mount my two raid1 drives. They show up in disk management but with an unknown or unformatted file system so I can´t do anything more with them. I´ve gone in via ssh and tried to mount them but I´m not really sure on that part since I´ve been trying to mount ada0 and ada2, their device names but that might not be the right thing to do, I´m just not sure. The data on the drives are what I´m interested in so I need to be able to mount either one of them, get the data and then I´m all for reformatting them and setting up a zfs pool or something.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on mounting the drives, either one or both, I don´t care, I just want the data. I´m 100% sure the drives are in fine working condition.

I´m willing to donate some $$ for solving this problem if it helps.

I´m running NAS4FREE for now since I´m set up on an old 32bit dell machine to get the data.

Thank you all.


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