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Data Recovery from Toshiba External Hard Drive

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 06:44
by smith.liz
Hello Guys,

I am using Toshiba external hard drive since a very long time but now it is not working fine. The drive is appearing in the Windows explorer but doesn’t show data on it. Can anyone please suggest me a data recovery software which will be good for recovering lost data from the external hard drive. However, I have gone through a blog where I found number of data recovery software list such Recuva, Stellar Phoenix, Wondershare, etc. But I am not sure whether these tools are trustworthy or not.

Re: Data Recovery from Toshiba External Hard Drive

Posted: 08 Sep 2017 13:36
by Sreeja
Recuva sports fewer features than other data recovery software. It does let you search by file type and includes raw file recovery features. However, it lacks tools, such as imaging capabilities that can be helpful in more complex data recovery. It does offer presorted recovery results and file preview capabilities, which make it easier to validate your recovered files since you can view files without having to open each one individually to learn whether it is broken. You can try a program such as Pandora Recovery ... overy.html (free)- there are many. Do not install it on the drive or partition from which you are trying to recover files. Such programs usually offer two levels of scanning- deep scanning is slow, so specify what to scan carefully. Obvious lesson: back up. There are many backup programs at a file level, and then there's the strongly recommended approach of disk imaging.

Re: Data Recovery from Toshiba External Hard Drive

Posted: 13 Sep 2017 05:44
by smith.liz
Hi Sreeja, Thanks sharing your thoughts. I posted this forum few months ago and the problem is resolved now. I took experience with Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software and Recuva. I found both the utilities good for recovering the lost data.