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[SOLVED] Recovering from a nightmare - hardware failure

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[SOLVED] Recovering from a nightmare - hardware failure


Post by swooosh »

Hello guys, so a few days ago my server just died on me overnight.
Long story short: one of my RAM modules died and with that it killed my installation/swap disk and managed to kill some addresses on the second RAM module too.
The hardware part is fixed by now, just got an MicroSD Card to IDE adapter (it's an old system), 16Gb MicroSD, some new RAM modules, did and embedded install on the card and the system finally boots and runs fine. I now need to get my data back, and this is where I'll kindly ask for your help.

I have two SSDs on the system, they're configured in RAID-1 (Mirror).
I already managed to import the Software RAID via webGUI, but I still can't access the files since there's no mount point.
Is there a way to recover or import my old mount point ?

P.S.: I had a Backup Config file that I've created a couple of months ago, but I forgot where I saved it. Is this file the only way to get my data ? :?:

Thanks in advance! :D


Just solved it!
For all of you with the same problem, or similar all you need to do is import the Software RAID via webGUI or terminal and create a mount point with the same name of the mount point you had before and... voilà, all your files are back :D :D

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