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Best way to compile a custom NAS4Free system

Compile and development by yourself!
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Best way to compile a custom NAS4Free system


Post by benat »

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a modified NAS4Free image and I have a few questions. I'm following these directives:
- http://wiki.nas4free.org/doku.php?id=do ... om_scratch

Basically I need to add some ports and slightly modify compile options to a few existing ones. So far I can build NAS4Free as long as:
- firefly/fuppes are removed from the ports list (I don't need them anyway)
- lcdproc is patched (see topic here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=1243)
- transmission-2.61.tar.bz2 is downloaded manually and copied to /usr/ports/distfiles/ (the build script fails as it doesn't find the tarball).

At this point I have 2 questions:
1. what is the best way to change compile options to NAS4Free ports (ex. +FPM to php5)? Should I edit the Makefile? How can I make the options dialog popup?
2. what is the best way to add packages? For example, I can think of installing a port on my FreeBSD system, then pkg_create port, then chroot /usr/local/nas4free/rootfs and pkg_add...
How you, NAS4Free devs, would do this customization? Thanks a lot in advance.

Last point, for NAS4Free to build on amd64, the lib32 distribution must be installed on the FreeBSD platform: I know it is checked by default on the FreeBSD Installer, but many people (like me) are used to install minimal systems :-) Maybe something to mention in the documentation.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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Re: Best way to compile a custom NAS4Free system


Post by ericgayle »

For compiling you need to setup a FreeBSD system according to the target architecture. This means if you like to build NAS4Free 64-bits you need to setup a FreeBSD amd64 system. ( same for i386). You can install an i386 system without problems on VirtualBox running on a amd64 Host. If you want to setup FreeBSD amd64 on an i386 Host you have to use Qemu for emulating amd64. Please follow the Qemu Manual for doing this.
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Re: Best way to compile a custom NAS4Free system


Post by systemservice »


benat asks also, how to add packges / ports to a custom build.
I'm also trying to understand how to do it.

I have read this article http://wiki.nas4free.org/doku.php?id=do ... om_scratch how to compile a custom build, but how can I add new packages and ports to this build?

Thank you.
NAS4Free x86 embedded (Custom build) based on FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p7

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