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Can logfiles "survive" as re-boot ?

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Can logfiles "survive" as re-boot ?


Post by drnicolas »

I am trying to track some strange un-intended reboots of my NAS4Free.

But I can see only that it happened, not why.
The logs seem to be emptied on every boot. I see only messages from the boot process, nothing whta can tell me the reason.

Is there a method to keep the system-logs ?
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Re: Can logfiles "survive" as re-boot ?


Post by raulfg3 »

yes , use clog_logdir variable as described on wiki: http://wiki.nas4free.org/doku.php?id=faq:0046

you can also search forum for simmilar post, is a widely answered question. (revision 6766)+OBI on SUPERMICRO X8SIL-F 8GB of ECC RAM, 12x3TB disk in 3 vdev in RaidZ1 = 32TB Raw size only 22TB usable

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