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Ransomware monitor

XigmaNAS Scripts and shell tips
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Ransomware monitor


Post by erik »

I use syncthing to backup my PC documents folder to a zfs pool with snapshots and the network shares are also on a zfs pool with snapshot but I'd like to get a warning when there is some unexpected change on one of the zfs pools.

For that I made a tripwire shell script run every 30 minutes from cron that checks if certain files that never should change have changed.
Typically you would make some folder with a word file that never changes.

The script uses md5 to calculate the checksum and verifies with a stored checksum
The script uses a sendmail.sh script to do the actual mailing using msmtp

Code: Select all

#  tripwire script , use a you like.
#remove the '#' before the next line for interactive testing

	 if test -f $1 ; then
		[ $TEST ] && echo "Testing $1"
		if ! test -f $2 ; then
			md5 $1 > $2
			[ $TEST ] && echo "$2 created"
			[ $TEST ] || /root/sendmail.sh "WARNING: file change" "The reference file for the stable file $1 was created, check why!!!!" 
		if md5 $1 | diff $2 - ; then
			[ $TEST ] && echo "No change in $1"
			md5 $1 > $2
			[ $TEST ] && echo "Updated $2"
			[ $TEST ] || /root/sendmail.sh "WARNING: file change" "The stable file $1 has changed, check why!!!!" 
		[ $TEST ] && echo "Not found: $1"
		[ $TEST ] || /root/sendmail.sh "WARNING: file change" "The stable file $1 has disappeared, check why!!!!" 
#add as many lines below as you need, each referring to a stable file and to the associated reference file.
testtrip /path/to/stable/file /path/to/reference/file

primary NAS: 2*8Tb raidz1, backup NAS: 6*2TB raidz2, remote backup NAS: 3*2TB raidz1 : All NAS4Free 11.0

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