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Plex web client error: shaka4011 (Manifest)

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Plex web client error: shaka4011 (Manifest)


Post by riki »

I have a problem: all my Plex web clients are unable to play videos from my Plex server (latest, v1.8.4.4249).
Any video I try to play gets this error:

Code: Select all

An error occurred trying to play "<Video-title>".
shaka4011 (Manifest)
All my browsers are affected: Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
I'm not sure if this happened before of after I updated Plex. I haven't been using a browser with Plex for some time.
I suppose the web clients will get updated when I update the server, am I right?
The "smart" client in my Samsung TV luckily still works OK.

If anyone has the same problem, and possibly a solution, do you have any clue as to what to do? Posts in the plex forums remain unanswered.

I suppose this isn't the right place to ask, because after reading the Plex forums I think the problem isn't with the server but with the client. It can't hurt post here too, though.

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