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Moved, and now NAS boots into Xubuntu..

Posted: 28 Nov 2018 18:50
by Impulse1
Short story: NAS can boot into NAS4FREE (11.1) with some trickery, but mostly is booting into Xubuntu???

Long story: I moved across Canada recently, My NAS4FREE was last shutdown in August, and had been running without issue for nearly a year. Never had an issue restarting the NAS through this period either.

So I packed everything up and shipped it across the country and I'm only just now getting around to starting everything up.

First issue, I had two USB sticks, not sure which one had the most current version of my NAS4FREE install. Tried the first one, and after several attempts, I couldn't get it to boot to the console even. I believe this might have been an old NAS4FREE 9.4 install.

So I throw in the second USB stick and it works! boots to console at least, I had to change some network settings in order to get the WebGUI functioning, so make those changes and reset through the console.

So this is where things get weird, the system boots into Xubuntu??? I reset of the system after this fails to boot into anything, and remains like that forever. Until..

I throw in the first USB that can't boot. I try booting using it though, get to some failure point, shut the system down and then throw in USB #2 and I can boot into NAS4FREE 11.1 and everything seems to run without issue, at least until I need a restart again. Then I get a repeat of the above..

Need Help:. So the obvious, I think once upon a time I had an install of Xubuntu on USB #2, but would have wiped it and over written with a NAS4FREE 11.1 install. All images would have been written using the default software on a Mac OSX.

Does anyone have suggestions for a simple solution? Does anyone know what could have all of a sudden caused this, considering there had been no issues previously?

I've backed up my config, is there any possible issue formatting USB #2 and doing a fresh install of the newest version of XigmaNAS? How much re-setup would be required, and are there any potential issues trying to import my 6 disk zfs pool?

Re: Moved, and now NAS boots into Xubuntu..

Posted: 29 Nov 2018 02:25
by kenZ71
Odd issue, if I were in that position I would take a USB & label with tape or marker then install a fresh copy of Xigmanas.

Import your backed up config file and all is good, including ZFS pools.

Re: Moved, and now NAS boots into Xubuntu..

Posted: 04 Dec 2018 07:28
by Impulse1
Alright now I feel pretty stupid. I went out and bought a new USB and did exactly as Ken suggested, installing a fresh version of XigmaNAS and then booted it up.

And an odd thing happened.. The server booted up with NAS4Free version 11.1. This got me thinking, that there must be a second drive plugged in somewhere... I cracked open the case and didn't see anything at first, but checked the motherboard manual, and there is a USB port on the motherboard, surrounded my SATA ports. Checked the board again, and hidden deep in the cables was the drive that I likely installed a year ago!

So all is good, I was just an idiot and was adding a second boot drive to my NAS all this time.

So new question is, is it safe to update from 11.1 to the current version? I've seen a few posts mentioning that you shouldn't update that far.
(I know I have the new OS installed on a USB, but to get the other USB out of my Motherboard, I need to remove all of the drives from my case to get the drive case out, and then re-do all of my cable management. Too I'm being lazy and would rather do the webgui update if possible!)

Thanks again.

Re: Moved, and now NAS boots into Xubuntu..

Posted: 04 Dec 2018 08:16
by raulfg3
yes is safe.

You only need a fresh copy of your actual config, to restore when you do a FRESH INSTALL of latest Xigmanas ( DO NOT UPDATE) <- as is recommended on the readme.