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Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 25 Aug 2012 22:50
by rt82
I just upgraded my server from a Xeon 5140 to a L5420 and I instantly panicked when Nas4Free reported 70*C for each core. After an investigation I have come to the conlusion these readings are wrong. Other tools show same temperature, but the heatsink is only barely warm even if the fan is off for a few minutes and removing the heatsink showed it was seated very tightly on the cpu.

Now the 70*C reading is at idle temps. If the server is put under load and that reading increases will Nas4Free react in any way like lower performance or even shutdown? I am not worried about the temperature, the L5420 is a 50w low power cpu and I'm running good cooling too but I just don't want Nas4Free affect functionality because it thinks the temperature is high?

Re: Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 25 Aug 2012 23:43
by raulfg3
nas4free show the temp that passes the OS ( BSD) but perhaps you can add or decrease some degrees by hand.

edit /usr/local/www/index.php

search the code that show the temp:

Code: Select all

<?php if (!empty($cpuinfo['temperature2'])):
					echo "<tr>";
					echo "<td width='25%' class='vncellt'>".gettext("CPU temperature")."</td>";
					echo "<td width='75%' class='listr'>";
					echo "<table width='100%' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'><tr><td>\n";
					$cpus = system_get_cpus();
					for ($idx = 0; $idx < $cpus; $idx++) {
						echo "<tr><td>";
						echo "<input style='padding: 0; border: 0;' size='2' name='cputemp${idx}' id='cputemp${idx}' value='".htmlspecialchars($cpuinfo['temperature2'][$idx])."' />";
					echo $idx['temperature2']."&#176;C";	
					echo "</td></tr>";
					echo "</table></td>";
					echo "</tr>\n";
				<?php elseif (!empty($cpuinfo['temperature'])):?>
					<td width="25%" class="vncellt"><?=gettext("CPU temperature");?></td>
					<td width="75%" class="listr">
						<input style="padding: 0; border: 0;" size="30" name="cputemp" id="cputemp" value="<?=htmlspecialchars($cpuinfo['temperature']);?>" />
modify what you need.

Re: Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 09 Jul 2017 21:01
by nitrix911
Hola Raul!

I have the same issue with my Xeon L5430, the temp is 30 degrees higher than in BIOS. BIOS is updated with the lastest modified version.
The issue is that tjmax for this CPU is determined as 100 in FreeBSD, but it should be 70.

Can you please advise what should be changed in /usr/local/www/index.php in version?
The file content is not the same in new version as described above.
Note I have extended GUI activated.
Thank you!

Re: Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 09 Jul 2017 21:57
by raulfg3
deactivate extended GUI and post same screen capture to see if temp is the same in normal webGUI and in extended GUI.

Re: Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 10 Jul 2017 05:28
by nitrix911
Hi! Thanks for quick response.
Extexded GUI was deactivated. Nothing changed. Screenshot is attached.

Some more coretemp info:

Code: Select all

nas4free: ~# sysctl -a | grep -i temperature
dev.cpu.3.temperature: 73.0C
dev.cpu.2.temperature: 74.0C
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 71.0C
dev.cpu.0.temperature: 80.0C

nas4free: ~# sysctl -a | grep tjmax
dev.cpu.3.coretemp.tjmax: 100.0C
dev.cpu.2.coretemp.tjmax: 100.0C
dev.cpu.1.coretemp.tjmax: 100.0C
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.tjmax: 100.0C

nas4free: ~# sysctl -a | grep -i cpu | less
kern.smp.cpus: 4
kern.smp.maxcpus: 256
kern.ccpu: 0
  <cpu count="4" mask="f,0,0,0">0, 1, 2, 3</cpu>
    <cpu count="2" mask="3,0,0,0">0, 1</cpu>
      <cpu count="1" mask="1,0,0,0">0</cpu>
      <cpu count="1" mask="2,0,0,0">1</cpu>
    <cpu count="2" mask="c,0,0,0">2, 3</cpu>
      <cpu count="1" mask="4,0,0,0">2</cpu>
      <cpu count="1" mask="8,0,0,0">3</cpu>
kern.sched.cpusetsize: 32
kern.pin_pcpu_swi: 0
kern.racct.pcpu_threshold: 1
cpu     HAMMER
device  cpufreq
device  cpuctl
kern.vt.splash_cpu_duration: 10
kern.vt.splash_cpu_style: 2
kern.vt.splash_ncpu: 0
kern.vt.splash_cpu: 0
vfs.ncpurgeminvnodes: 512
net.inet.tcp.per_cpu_timers: 0
debug.cpufreq.verbose: 0
debug.cpufreq.lowest: 0
debug.acpi.cpu_unordered: 0
hw.model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           L5430  @ 2.66GHz
hw.ncpu: 4
hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest: C2
dev.p4tcc.3.%parent: cpu3
dev.p4tcc.3.%desc: CPU Frequency Thermal Control
dev.p4tcc.2.%parent: cpu2
dev.p4tcc.2.%desc: CPU Frequency Thermal Control
dev.p4tcc.1.%parent: cpu1
dev.p4tcc.1.%desc: CPU Frequency Thermal Control
dev.p4tcc.0.%parent: cpu0
dev.p4tcc.0.%desc: CPU Frequency Thermal Control
dev.coretemp.3.%parent: cpu3
dev.coretemp.3.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.2.%parent: cpu2
dev.coretemp.2.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.1.%parent: cpu1
dev.coretemp.1.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.0.%parent: cpu0
dev.coretemp.0.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.cpufreq.3.%parent: cpu3

Re: Will "wrong" high cpu temp readings hinder nas4free?

Posted: 10 Jul 2017 07:07
by raulfg3
ok, if someone can help , please post what to do.