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2 NIC Routing

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2 NIC Routing


Post by kokni »

I have an embedded installation on a server with two interfaces: one interface has a direct/fast connection to the main router (internet gateway) with a static public IP, and a second interface which has a dynamic local IP (192.168.x.x) from a NATing router that serves the private network and gives protected internet access to local network.

ROUTER Static Public IP <-1Gb-> NAS
ROUTER Static Public IP <-1Gb-> NATing ROUTER DHCP <-100Mbs-> NAS

The problem is the following, per netstat -nr (public IP redacted)

Code: Select all

Destination        Gateway            Flags     Netif Expire
Default	UGS	bge1		link#3		UH	lo0		link#2		U	bge1		link#2		UHS	lo0
x.x.x.0/24		link#1		U	bge0
x.x.x.109		link#1		UHS	lo0
and all traffic is directed through the slower part of the network? any ideas on how to change the default route ?
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Lee Sharp
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Re: 2 NIC Routing


Post by Lee Sharp »

DHCP is assigning the default route. Set our internal side to static, and only assign a gatway on the fast side.

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Re: 2 NIC Routing


Post by karencharlson »

I have the same problems. Did you try to use VPN server?

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