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Issue with lagg

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Issue with lagg


Post by ernie »


I have 2 nas, and both have same motherboard.
Both nas are plugged on the same switch, dlink DGS 1100-08. I used port trunking on the switch.

Nas 2 is switched off. On nas1 I set up an aggregated link with the 2 network ports of the motherboard. I use this aggregated link for the main interface of the nas.
It works.

I switched on the nas 2. I managed also the aggregated link on nas2.
I reboot as request after the setup.
During the reboot I have the following error:
waiting for adressofdns to respond to icmp

I switched off nas 1. I reboot nas 2. No message.
I switch on nas1, the nas 1 displays the message.

And when both nas are switched on, the network is very slow.
Any idea ?
NAS 1&2:
System: GA-6LXGH(BIOS: R01 04/30/2014) / 16 Go ECC
XigmaNAS - Ingva (revision 7542) embedded
NAS1: Xeon E3 1241@3.5GHz, 4HDD@2To/raidz2 (WD red), 3HDD@300Go/sas/raidz1 (Hitachi), 1SSD cache, Zlog on sas mirror
NAS2: G3220@3GHz, 3HDD@2To/raidz1 (Seagate), 1SSD cache, 1HDD@300Go/UFS
Case : Fractal Design XL R2

Extensions & services:
NAS1: OBI (Plex, BTSync, zrep, rclone, themes), nfs, UPS,
NAS2: OBI (zrep (backup mode), themes)

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