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rc.conf Cheat Sheet

XigmaNAS Kernel Tune-up
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rc.conf Cheat Sheet


Post by raulfg3 »

Thanks to Dan Merschi for this original post in the old forum:

Back from FreeNAS 0.69 to latest XigmaNAS build you can use rc.conf to change variables at boot time.

The above image shows an increase in the /var size from 32MB(default) to 64MB.
Name = varsize
Value = 64m
Comment = increase the /var RAM disk size from 32MB to 64MB.
Change the rsync.log path from /var to a permanent location. Save space on /var and make the logs permanent.
Name = rsync_logfile
Value = /mnt/share/dir/rsync.log
Comment = Change rsync log location
Use a custom fuppes configuration directory
Name: fuppes_configdir
Value: /mnt/share/dir/fuppes_configdir
Comment: Use a custom fuppes configuration directory
Use a custom vfolder fuppes.cfg
Name: fuppes_vfolder_config
Value: /mnt/share/dir/fuppes.cfg
Comment: Use custom fuppes vfolder configuration.
Increase lighttpd timeout
Name = lighttpd_server_maxwriteidle
Value = 1000
Comment = Increase server.max-write-idle from 360 seconds to 1000 seconds
Change the transmission "admin" user-name
Name = transmission_remote_user
Value = newname
Comment = Change the transmission "admin" user-name
Move log file location from /var to share
Name = mtdaapd_logfile
Value = /mnt/share/new/log.file
Comment = Move log file location from /var to share
Move play list to a permanent location
Name = mtdaapd_playlist
Value = /mnt/share/location/new.playlist
Comment = Move play list to a permanent location
Increase ATA-idle delay at boot from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
Name = ataidle_delay
Value = 120
Change log file location using clog_logdir


What else you can change ? ... run the following command:

Code: Select all

awk -F'[=|$|{|:]' 'NF>2 && $1==$4' /etc/rc.d/
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