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Jails with XigmaNAS
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Post by mraerosmith »

Hi all, long time xigmanas user, first time jail user, using jails to install Tautulli, I have manged to get it running after a fashion, but im struggling to get this working rights, so I have run the following to get the right bits installed.

jexec Tautulli csh

pkg install python2 py27-sqlite3 py27-openssl py27-pycryptodome security/ca_root_nss git

cd /usr/local/share/

git clone https://github.com/Tautulli/Tautulli.git

chmod -R 777 Tautulli

cd Tautulli

python2 Tautulli.py

Now by doing the above it installs into the jail, and I can run it by using putty , but that launches it as if it was on my local pc, (So when I close putty it closes as well) and not on the nas box itself, and for obvious reasons I want it running from the nas box.

I assume I need to script it to run on startup??

But it would be quite nice just to get it to run, just by using the webgui to start, can anyone offer any advice, or a better way to do this, outside of using virtualbox that is

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