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HAST+Carp back end for Xenserver/Proxmox question

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HAST+Carp back end for Xenserver/Proxmox question


Post by nethfel »

Hi all,

I'm trying to wrap my head around HAST/CARP and I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance.

I was following this tutorial:
http://blackcatsoftware.us/inprogress-c ... rphastzfs/

and managed to bork it up a bit ;) Right now I'm doing the entire test as a set of VM's so I'm just going to wipe them and start over.

My goal is to have:
2+ systems replicated with the capability of having failover, preferably 3 systems if possible, but I had read along the way that HAST (at least as of that time) was limited to 2 systems, a master/slave.
NAS4Free box having 6 ethernet ports connected as follows:
3xeth LAGG Balance-ALB (or equivalent) for data syncing ( network)
2xeth LAGG Balance-ALB for client access ( network)
1xeth management port for web interface/ssh access ( network).

Is this configuration possible with HAST/CARP?

If it is possible, as I was attempting to follow the guide above, it was referring to /dev/daX, as the drives according to the web interface are /dev/adaX, I assume I'm supposed to swap out the /dev/daX with /dev/adaX; is this correct or is /dev/daX some sort of virtual device created?

I didn't understand in the guide why the OP created two different CARP IP addresses, I thought they were supposed to be the same? Is there a more recent tutorial that takes changes to NAS4Free into account (I assume more can be handled thru the gui by now as the tutorial was written over a year ago).

Also, how in sync are the boxes at this point? Do they sync constantly like Gluster would or what? How high of a risk is split brain when considering something like this for storage for a hypervisor?

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