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Windows mount of Samba Share -- wrong size

Samba Active Directory Domain Controller.
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Windows mount of Samba Share -- wrong size


Post by michaelkj77 »

I have NAS4FREE running on a server with 9TB of hard drive space. I have a CIFS/SMB mount created called NAS-Share pointing to /mnt/nas. If I run the command df -h on the server, it says /mnt/nas has 7..9 TB available. On my Windows desktop, if I map a network drive, say, Z: to \\\NAS-Share, the drive maps and I can see the contents of /mnt/nas, but if I click Properties on Z:, it says the folder space for Z: is only 119MB with 117MB used and 2MB available. Is this a Samba problem? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


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Re: Windows mount of Samba Share -- wrong size


Post by Brahiewahiewa »

A screenshot would be nice, because my Windows doesn't show available space in the properties dialog.
Neither on local drives nor on network drives

Edit: nevermind; the properties dialog of a mapped drive indeed shows the available space

You've probably shared the /mnt folder through CIFS. The space will be limited by the size of /dev/md0
Subdirectories should correctly show the available space. You can verify this through the dir command

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