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Samba as a Backup Domain controller

Samba Active Directory Domain Controller.
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Samba as a Backup Domain controller


Post by drnicolas »

I have a Windows 2016 Domain with AD, DNS and DHCP on another machine.
To have a backup solution, I want to have a BDC on my XigmaNAS.
The first version was to deploy a VM based on VirtualBox, but that was unreliable and eating lots of resources

What I want ...
- Samba on XigmaNAS acting as a BDC for my domain
- CIFS and NFS shares on my XigmaNAS
- DHCP also as a backup on my XigmanNAS

I already tried to with "samba-tools domain join", but this did not work. The error was something about that the computer credentials were denied

Can someone help ?
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