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Owncloud - The server took too long to respond?

Webserver service.
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Owncloud - The server took too long to respond?


Post by stayhard »


I installed Owncloud on my NAS4Free and can access it from the web on my local computer, but not from my android phone with the app. I test both with wifi and 3G.

The app says "The server took too long to respond?
Im trying to connect to: http://myipaddress:8080/owncloud (also tested without "/owncloud" and withoud ":8080/owncloud" still the same.
I set Primary DNS and secondary DNS that I got from my router, and gateway I set to wich is the same to access to my router?
What is wrong? I even tested to open port 8080 in my router.
OS USB: 16Gb
Swap: 4Gb
RAM: 4Gb@1333MHz
CPU: i3 550 3.2GHz
PSU: 250w
Storage: 4x500Gb UFS Raid-5, 1x2Tb UFS (3,5Tb)

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