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DaaP access remotely

Stream media from XigmaNAS using iTunes/DAAP protocols.
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DaaP access remotely


Post by danzi »


I have setup daap and it is visible on the home network.

is it possibile to somehow access it via the web from an external machine?
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Captain Ron
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Re: DaaP access remotely


Post by Captain Ron »


I am assuming your setup is something like this:

Cable Modem ------ Router ------ Other computers/NAS4Free box

Assuming that,

For simple clients (not iTunes):
Open the DAAP port (3689 by default) on your router and point it to your NAS4Free Box.
Then you can simply hit your external IP address and stream from your NAS.
This of course come with the usual disclaimer that opening ports to your network has consequences/is unsafe/security risk/etc. So just be careful about this.

for iTunes or just the security of doing it this way:
SSH tunnel into your network. Instructions for that are here:

http://blog.nguyenvq.com/2010/07/10/str ... -via-daap/
or Google SSH Tunnel DAAP server

The reason you need to SSH tunnel in, is because iTunes has to think the DAAP server is on your local network - it NORMALLY can't stream over the internet.
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