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Non ECC NAS replacement by 1 Non ECC NAS and 1 ECC machine for offsite backup???

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Non ECC NAS replacement by 1 Non ECC NAS and 1 ECC machine for offsite backup???


Post by fritz »

Hi all,

I have currently a NAS running NAS4Free WITHOUT ECC RAM.
My NAS contains 2 ZFS pools "tank" and "tank_backup" (an incremental backup using zfs_send/receive is done every week using the scripts described here: viewtopic.php?t=2197)

After reading different post, I got quite scared to loose my data due to non ECC RAM. Furthermore, having no off-site backup is also not ideal (e.g. in case of disaster like flooding, fire...)

I would like to improve that now, and therefore I have the folowing idea in mind:
- keep my current NAS without ECC for the main pool "tank"
- move the pool "tank_backup" to another machine that will be located offsite (in my parents house). For the latter machine I plan to use an old desktop PC supporting EEC RAM that I have lying around (currenty unused).

The health of both NAS (zpool health, temperature, SMART...) will be monitored using the scripts described here: viewtopic.php?t=2197

What do you think about this strategy?

Thank you for your expertise :-)

Kind Regards
O/S: NAS4Free - Atomics (revision 5017) (Embedded 64bit), installed on 8GB USB flash drive

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